Where it all started

Lightyear was founded by 5 Solar Team Eindhoven alumni. With Solar Team Eindhoven, we built the revolutionary solar cars, Stella & Stella Lux. Both cars are 4 seaters, road legal, solar powered and built to win the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge® Cruiser Class. In 2012 we started on our journey.

We quickly decided a prototype beats a plan, which is why we built the first of a series of solar family cars in 2012. We took home two world championships, as well as a Techcrunch Crunchie.

The awards were a welcome acknowledgement of our hard work, but the experiences were perhaps even more valuable. Over the course of this project we developed a thorough understanding of the technological implications of a solar car. It prepared us for the next step: Market launch of the very first solar powered electric car!

Stella Lux — 2015

This is the story of the second team, improving upon the world’s first solar-powered family car. Their groundbreaking achievements include the unprecedented 1500 kilometre journey on a single charge. At the end of the long road, their World Solar Challenge® championship title was secured once again.

Stella — 2013

This documentary tells the story of 20 young students doing everything they can to make their dream come true. It begins with the exciting first ideas and ends with the mighty Bridgestone World Solar Challenge® and the world’s first solar-powered family car. After it coursed 3000 kilometres across one of the most remote places on earth, Stella was awarded the Best Technology Achievement Crunchie award.

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