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First 10 cars — Signature Edition — expected in 2019
Next 100 cars expected in 2020

Starting from €119.000 excluding taxes

Reserve your Lightyear One

How to place a reservation?

  1. Reserve online using the form
  2. We will contact you shortly
  3. Confirm your reservation with the deposit
Type Production Line # Region
Signature 1 – 10 Netherlands
Pioneer 11 – 100 EU
Lightyear One 101 > EU
(NON-EU deliveries depending on request, please leave your information)

Signature — €119.000 depositPioneer — €19.000 depositLightyear One — €4.000 deposit

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Lightyear One.
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What is the price of the Lightyear One?
The price of the Lightyear One is €119.000 excluding VAT. If you want to reserve one, submit your contact details. We will contact you to complete your reservation.
A refundable payment of €19.000,- completes your reservation and is subtracted from the final payment.
What will be the range of the car?
The Lightyear One’s optimized aerodynamics and weight saving features greatly improves its range. Depending on your battery configuration you have between 400 – 800 km of range buffered in the battery.
How many kilometers can be harvested/collected from the sun?
This depends on the climate of your country. Here are some estimates for the Lightyear One:

Amsterdam: 10.000 km
Paris: 11.000 km
Madrid: 17.000 km
Los Angeles: 19.000 km
Chicago: 14.000 km
Houston:16.000 km
New York: 14.000 km
Washington: 15.000 km
Honolulu: 20.000 km
U.S. Virgin Islands: 21.000 km

Can you drive when it is cloudy, or at night, as well?
Absolutely. With the internal battery the Lightyear One will drive up to 800 km without any sunlight.
How is the Lightyear One produced?
The Lightyear One is fundamentally re-engineered with a new architecture which requires a revolutionary production process. Lightyear will work closely together with industry leading partners to deliver the highest quality and performance to ensure that our customer standards are met. We work with industry partners based on their quality and support of our mission.
What is your CO₂ footprint for producing a Lightyear One?
We are working with multiple partners to select materials that have the least impact on the environment. For example, we have recyclable carbon fiber and solar cells on our roadmap. Decreasing our environmental footprint is one of our main core objectives.
How is the Lightyear One charged?
The Lightyear One can be charged with:
1. Sunlight
2. A standard household power socket
3. A standard EV charging point
4. An EV fast charger
How long does it typically take to recharge the battery?
If you plug the Lightyear One in for 1 hour, you can charge with:
Household power socket: (3.7 kW): 40 km
Standard EV charging point (10 kW): 110 km
EV fast charger (75 kW): 850 km 😉
Can I use my solar power for something else?
Yes, of course! The Lightyear One will be capable of supplying solar energy to your house, to ensure that sunlight is never lost. Furthermore, the Lightyear One will be fitted with an ordinary household power socket to power any device wherever you are.
What does the car look like?
We have exclusive events where you can have a sneak preview on the design of the car. We understand that to make a reservation you want a clear look on the car. Please express your interest to reserve the Lightyear One and we will contact you. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you informed about events.
What are the delivery details of the Lightyear One?
First 10 cars – signature edition – expected in 2019.
Next 100 cars expected in 2020.
Delivered in US & EU.
Which options can I pick from?
If you place your reservation we will get you in contact with our design team. For the signature edition extra options are available.
What about the safety of the Lightyear One?
Safety is very important at Lightyear. We are working with industry partners to ensure the Lightyear One will comply with all safety regulations.
How many occupants fit in the Lightyear One?
The Lightyear One will comfortably accommodate four people.
What is the loading capacity of the Lightyear One?
Freedom is very important to the concept of a solar car. You will be able to bring your mountain bike, golf-bag or surfboard easily.
What about service for the Lightyear One?
Due to the smaller amount of components compared to a conventional car the maintenance is significantly reduced. In case service is needed, fast and personal advice will provided by Lightyear.
Can I legally park a Lightyear One on parking places reserved for electrical vehicles?
Surely. Be so kind to connect your Lightyear One to the charging point so that the surplus solar energy can be used to charge the electric car parked next to you. 😉

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Starting from €119.000 excluding taxes.

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