Lightyear Investor Cafe

Lex Hoefsloot

Co-Founder, CEO

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Lightyear is on a mission! We strongly believe we have to make the transition to electric cars as soon and smooth as possible, not only in the west, but everywhere on the planet. That single mission led us to developing electric cars that are not dependent on a charging infrastructure. That is important because this dependency currently poses a complex chicken-and-egg situation.

We will go public in about a month. But before that, you will have the unique chance to be an early contributor through a small-scale investment. We’ll make sure these small investments will have a big impact.

We are organising two Investor Cafés to give people insight into the opportunities to invest in Lightyear (from €5,000 upward) or to place a reservation for the Lightyear one. A small step for you, one giant leap for mankind ;).

What can I expect?

During this exclusive event we will present our business plans, mission and a sneak peak of the vehicle we are developing. In addition to this exclusive preview, we give more insight into the milestones we have reached and that we will be reaching in the coming period.


19:30 Welcome
20:00 Introduction of Lightyear’s Mission
20:10 Businessplan presentation by Qurein Biewenga
20:20 Lightyear’s mission in perspective (speaker to be announced)
20:35 Short speech by a Lightyear investor
20:40 Drinks and start Virtual Reality demo’s of the vehicle concept
22:30 Closing

We will not be the only ones presenting, some of our inspiring investors, supporters and partners will also briefly take the stage to share some of their experiences. We will soon unveil who will take the stage.

Dates and locations


Thursday 6th of July at 8PM in Eindhoven

Wednesday 28th of Jun at 8PM in Utrecht.

* the exact location will be shared in your official invite
Not able to attend? Do not hesitate to get in contact as well!

Lightyear Investor Cafe round II

On Thursday 16th of March, we were excited to show our progress thus far to our network. Together with Ton Backx, Camilla van den Boom and Maarten Steinbuch, who put our story in context, we successfully activated many people in our network to become involved as investors.

Currently, we are almost three months down the line and are about to complete the milestones we presented in March. These results, as well as our goals for the future, will be presented during the upcoming Investor Cafes. Our current investors are of great value to us, and we hope to be able to welcome more of you on board.

“If I had to choose a group that is ready and prepared for a mission like this, it would be Lightyear. The solar challenge was only the start, this team learns incredibly fast.”

Maarten Steinbuch

Distinguished Professor , Eindhoven University of Technology

“Lightyear is on an important mission. Mobility by means of solar power. A small contribution to a better world. A direct impact on everyone. A huge potential to (disrupt) the automotive industry.”

Camilla van den Boom

Strategy Director, Sturrm

“Super efficient solar cells combined with energy efficient electric cars bring a huge opportunity: solar powered driving.”

Wim Sinke

Manager Program Development, ECN Solar Energy

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