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The Lightyear Mission

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We love electric cars

But, at the present, electric cars have a scaling problem. Only 3% of the world’s population has access to a public charging spot within 100 km. The other 97% is dependent on third parties to build infrastructure.

“Only 3% of the world population lives within 100 km of a publicly accessible charging station.”

Only within the orange colored areas you will find a charging station within 100km.

The electric car that works anywhere

The Lightyear One charges using solar power, regular household plugs and existing heavy charging infrastructue, making electric driving possible for everyone. Lightyear One is the next step in driving: The electric car that can charge anywhere.

A Lightyear of sustainable & scalable transportation

Every year all cars of the world combined drive one light year- that is 9.500.000.000.000 km. They drive a light year on fossil fuels every year. We want to accelerate the global transition to electric cars. By 2035 we want one electric light year to have been driven. For this goal we are providing a scalable road forward.

— The Lightyear Mission —

From a fossil fueled powered lightyear to a solar powered lightyear.

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